Since 2016, we’ve been carrying out the Workplace culture survey coordinated by the global consultants Great Place to Work, with the purpose of working on the improvement for the entire organization in the following years.

Over the years, in all the plants, the results have been better and better, reflecting the hard teamwork that the Arlei family does. In 2023, we completed our last survey, through which we entered in the 9th place in the 2024 ranking for companies with more than a thousand employees. Some of the most notable results:

  • Score of 88% regarding: pride in working for the company, how it contributes to the community and the service offered to customers.
  • Score of 88% regarding: the treatment received by everyone in the company regardless of sex, age, gender, position, etc.
  • Score of 90% regarding: Corporate image, both inside the company, what employees feel, and the image of the company from the outside.

2024 N°9 great place to work

2024 N°6 great place to work – Production and manufacturing

2022 N°12 great place to work (according to 2021 survey)

2022 N°4 companies who care (1st as an industry)

2020 N°7 great place to work for Millenials

2019 N°9 great place to work