Much more than leather

We are globally one of the main leather suppliers for the automotive industry, which demands our compliance with the strictest regulations as to quality and environmental security, constantly innovating to maximize the use of sub-products contributing to the circular economy. Responsibility, reliability, and sustainability are built into our institutional DNA, which naturally brings about trust and loyalty from our customers and suppliers, holding stable and long lasting commercial relationships.

Our leadership in the market is notorious: over 25% of the cow leather in our country is processed in our tanneries, counting with over 1300 people, and processing an average of 10.000 hides a day.

It is our identity that keeps us on the path of continuous growth. We are flexible and believe in the benefits of agile decision-making. We are enterprising, and it fills us with pride to keep that foundational imprint generation after generation.

Arlei was founded in 1938 by Arturo Leiser, and his legacy is at present in the hands of his daughter Viviana, who is our CFO, and his son Alan, our COO.

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Our mission:

Remain alert to the opportunities offered by the market, preferably within the value chain of existing businesses, moving within the global framework, maximizing the use of available resources and profitability.

Our vision:

To be a family company dedicated to the leather business, that stands out for being reliable both for its internal and external clients as well as for its suppliers and for the communities with which it interacts, balancing the search for profitability with the sense of responsibility.

Our values:

• The main interest is the continuity of the company, preferably in the hands of the family

• We support measures that improve growth and quality

• Attract and retain the best human resources

• Update continuously the business plan

• Generate the greatest value for shareholders and managers

• Family conflicts should not be brought to the company

• Family members and friends cannot occupy positions for which they are not prepared for.

• Maintain a logical organization

• Proposals that break up the family unit are not allowed

• Whoever wants to leave can do so. Nobody is forced to work in the company if it is not what they wish for.

• “Understand” rather than “justify”

• Loyalty and solidarity with family members and members of the work team

• Foster motivation for improvement and new ventures

• Provide adequate dedication according responsibility or position

• Control as support to operational management

• Company problems are dealt with in the company

• Teamwork respecting the formality of the implemented systems

• Pursue business survival, growth and profits

• Complement each other among the team members and dialogue