Sustainability committee

In 2019, after conducting a self-diagnosis guided by specialists to identify Arlei’s position with respect to international standards for sustainable development, we set up an inter-plant committee that coordinates the actions of the Organization on this matter.

Due to the diversity existing among our plants, located in different geographical, cultural and productive technology areas, this committee seeks to integrate them into a common line of work that enhances the strengths of each one under the sustainable brand of ARLEI: Life Program. Showing our organization’s commitment to environmental, social and economic values, the committee is led by Tatiana Apstein, daughter of Mrs Viviana Leiser.


Apstein Tatiana – Sustainability department

Helman Daniel – Institutional Relations (IR) and Patrimonial Security department

Stirnemann Azul  – Quality department

Ojeda Silvia – Quality department

Santiago Myriam – Commercial department

Dean Carolina – Institutional Relations department

Chavez Adrian – Health and Security department

Aguilar Carlos – Production